The Pennington Cocktail

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the pennington cocktail

There is nothing quite like ending a long Thursday, during a long week, during the loooongest month of the year... with a splendid cocktail. After a day of a million people wanting a million things, sometimes it is good to fumble around in the liquor cabinet and focus on one thing, and one thing only. Making a clever cocktail.

Lately I have been on a orange kick, putting it in practically everything, when I am not busy putting Horchata in everything. (Every time he sees that blender full of Horchata come out of the refrigerator, Jamie just rolls his eyes and gives me a smirk. Just like he did- but stopped doing- when I made banana bread every few days for five months.) Back to the orange... I think it is a time of the year thing. Perhaps I am subliminally worried about getting scurvy. Maybe I just miss the sun and am trying to substitute with citrus fruits.

So let's get to it. The Pennington Cocktail is lovingly named after the quaint little road where Jamie and I bought our first real house. The name just popped into my head as I mixed it.  So there you have it. I think in part, it came from the pomegranate molasses in the drink, which, while living there, I enjoyed quite frequently with seltzer and lime; but I haven't really had since we moved away. I made the wise decision to pawn all of our oils and vinegars and sadly our pomegranate molasses onto my friend Grace; for fear of them tipping over in my car on our cross country trek causing me and my puppies great sensory discomfort on the 2,000 mile journey. Never mind what those lovely liquids could have done to my upholstery!

So, if you have had a long day and you are looking for a cocktail to make you feel better in every way, then whip up one of these, and remember... Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!

Now... if you are in as bad of a mood as I was when I started concocting this drink, then chances are, you need a good song to listen to . So here:

 R.E.M- nightswimming [1992] (spiral tribe extended edit)


Get the Pennington Cocktail Recipe in the Cookbook (don't you worry... it will open in a new tab/ window so you can keep listening to Michael Stipe's beautiful voice)

I just had to share this picture with you.  You know how first thing in the morning, when you wake up, your eyes can't quite focus yet?  Well when my eyes finally came into focus this morning, it was upon stepping on something.  When I removed my foot to see what it could be, I found this sorry, dismembered specimen underfoot.  I think we all feel this way sometimes. I think this cocktail can help.

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Margret: ...
Marie- great post! Do you have any good banana bread recipes to share? I am not seeing any looking back at older posts.

March 01, 2012
Cathy: ...
My kids are on break and driving me out of my mind today. I really needed a read like this. Thank You! I also love Michael Stipe. Wonderful song, I hear it on the radio sometimes.

I love that you are posting some cocktails on your blog. Keep them coming. This one seems so simple and looks lovely.

March 01, 2012
Trina: ...
ha ha Fantastic post Marie! Keep them coming. I don't have all of these ingredients, but I am going to pick them up on my way home from work tonight for sure!

March 01, 2012
Angela: ...
Thanks for this Marie! I actually have pomegranate molasses, so I am going to try this with whiskey instead of congac. smilies/grin.gif

February 23, 2012

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